About us

Historical background

“Donbassdomnaremont” the enterprise of repairing metallurgical furnaces and equipment was founded in 1964 on the basis of repairing trust “Uzhdomnaremont” established in 1937 as the state specialized trust for performing capital and current repairing of metallurgical equipment of the appropriate enterprises in Ukraine, South-East of Russia and also in Georgia, Azerbaijan, Moldavia.

At the present time "Donbassdomnaremont" performs all repairing works at metallurgical equipment and components for steel production works situated in Donbas and carries out their its reconstruction and modernization.

Over the years, specialists of Donbassdomnaremont” carried out repairing work in metallurgical facilities in Mexico, Iran, Pakistan, India, Algeria, Egypt, Finland, Bulgaria, Hungary and other countries around the world.

Kinds of works executed by the trust in repairing and renovation of metallurgical aggregates are characterized by high quality due to the adopted policy of maintenance of the staff, accumulation of experience got during the long period of the enterprise’s history. Work experience is various and at times it is extreme because of aggregates breakdown conditions.

Nowadays the trust succeeded maintenance of the the backbone of the staff, its best technicians in the following specialties:

1. Installers of metallic structures – specialists execute working in installing metallic structures of any complexity level and configuration at a high of 150 m in usual and straitened conditions.

2. Installers of equipment – specialists in installing, repairing and adjusting of equipment at metallurgical complexes. They are characterized by knowledge of the whole range of mechanical equipment using today in domestic industries.

3. Installers of technological pipelines - specialists of great experience in uninstalling installing of pipelines

4. Refractories workers – specialist execute lining of furnaces and aggregates capacity up to 5000 m3 . They have experience of working with any kind of furnaces and unit heaters.

5. Welders - diplomaed specialists experienced in welding of critical constructive elements who are repeatedly involved in welding for another industries enterprises, who can weld pipelines, furnace mantles and aggregates in extreme conditions in short terms.

6. Builders – specialists deal with concrete works, stoneworks, plastering, field painting, finishing works, roofwork, installing of reinforced concrete structures and metallic structures, turnkey redecoration. All the works are made using modern building materials, qualitative and within the time limits.

7. Metallic structures production - subsidiary plot of “Donbassdomnaremont Trust LLC” has an opportunity to produce complex metallic structures for its personal needs and for a clients’ projects.

8. Engineering and technical potential of the Trust allows to satisfy wants of production as in current projects as in prospective ones.

Nowadays for works execution at the disposal of the trust there are: tower crane BK-1000, caterpillar cranes KS-8165, DEK-50, MKG-25, MKGS – 100 and others, mounting and scraper winches, transporters and pickup mechanisms, equipment for formation of mixes, solutions and for their feeding, electric welding equipment and gas-cutting equipment etc.

“Donbassdomnaremont Trust LLC” affords at breakneck speed to deploy a full-fledged portable repair base on any client’s enterprise and to execute a range of works in installing of structures and equipment, repairing of structures, pipes, handling facilities, construction and repairing of unit heaters etc.

The trust includes small-scale mechanization manufacturing area established more than 30 years ago. The main goal of the area is developing and producing of nonstandard equipment used in overhauls and routine repairing of metallurgical aggregates. Quick list:

• conveyor belts

• brick hoists

• tube benders

• mechanical extractors

• rollers, blocks, snackels

• roller conveyers

• machines for pipe cutting and refractories citting

• gas-flame tools

Nowadays metallic structures manufacturing is developed. Leading regional metallurgical enterprises are its consumers

The manufacturing area disposes of space for storing materials and finished products. Servicing involves heavy-load cranes and carriers.

There is an autopark completed with trucks of different carrying capacity.

The area’s machinery includes metal-working machines, presses, forging hammers, spot-welding machines, longitudinal seam-welding machines.

Individual order producing is possible with own materials and with client’s materials.

The area’s staff consists of engineers and workers having long experience in machine construction and metallurgical branches.

Welding bureau of “Donbassdomnaremont Trust LLC”

It was established in 1960. Bureau is accredited in technical competence of Ukraine State Committee of labor protection supervision for the following kinds of works execution:

• quality control of metal and welded joint of metallic structures and pipes using as non-destructive methods of welding techniques (optical visual VT, supersonic UT) as destructive methods (mechanical tests of metal and welded loint).

• Welders’ qualifying according to normative act “Regulation of welders’ qualifying” for the right of execution of electric arc welding and gas welding during production, installing and repairing of metallic bearing structures and enclosed structures, mechanisms of hoisting cranes, metallic pipes, nets and water supply constructions and sewage system, gas distribution constructions, material mining equipment

Specialists of the welding bureau

Followed the courses in interindustry training certification centre of Welding Institute named after E.O. Paton. Certificate of control and measurement giving reghts to issue a decision was got in the centre of nondestruction control

Characteristics of production bases

Installing areas. The areas are supplied with all the necessary tools for labor mechanization, equipment, lifting equipment (telphers, cable hoists, cranes). The staff is 350 workers.

Refractory areas. The areas are supplied with all the necessary tools for labor mechanization, equipment (concrete mixers, brick saws, gunned machines, grouting pumps). The staff is 120 workers.

Acetylene welding areas. The areas are supplied with diplomed high-qualifying workers (shearers, welders) and all the necessary equipment and tools. The staff is 50 workers.

Pipelines areas. The areas are supplied with all the necessary tools and equipment. The staff of pipelines areas is presented by mature and qualified workers: installers of technical pipelines, welders, shearers. The staff is 50 workers

Mechanic-installing areas. The areas are supplied with all the necessary tools and equipment, qualified specialists, welders, shearers. Their speciality is an installing of metallurgical equipment. The staff is 140 workers.

Mechanival services. The areas are supplied with qualified specialists and mechanization experts. The staff is 90 workers.

Start-adjusting area.The area is supplied with qualified specialists (electrical technicians, mechanical technicians) and all the necessary tools and equipment.

Building area. Qualified sBuilding area. Qualified specialists work at the area. They are skilled in building, concrete works, stoneworks, plastering, field painting, finishing works, roofwork, turnkey redecoration. The area is supplied with modern materials and equipment.pecialists work at the area. They are skilled in building, concrete works, stoneworks, plastering, field painting, finishing works, roofwork, turnkey redecoration. The area is supplied with modern materials and equipment.

Area of metallic structures production.The area is created for production of metallic structures of different level of complexity for its own needs and for an order. The area is supplied with qualified specialists (welders, adjusters) and all the necessary tools and equipment.

Technique of “Donbassdomnaremont Trust LLC” allows to render services in load lifting up to 100 tons (cranes MKG-100C, vehicle-mounted cranes), transportation of cargos including oversized cargos (trailer load-carrying ability 40 tons) and also in construction (tractors, bulldozers, excavators, loaders).

Production bases of Kramatorsk Manufacturing area “Donbassdomnaremont Trust LLC” includes:

“Donbassdomnaremont Trust LLC” manufacturing area has 25-years experience of producing transformers for manual arc welding. They find a wide use in cutting and welding of structures made from sheet material and roller stock in any stationary and installation condition of construction and repairing. Simplicity of the device and its operation, using of high-quality materials, special development implementation – define high technique characteristics of welding bugs STSH-400, STSH-500 and versatility, efficiency, small size and dimension of pressure-difference device DP-250 allow to apply it as in industrial sphere as in in household use.